Wellbeing for Kids

The results of a combination of Reiki and Coaching with a 3 yr old  boy with epilepsy and his Mum in December 2010 led me to create the Wellbeing for Kids Process.

At just under 3 years of age, Zac was experiencing multiple seizures. This was distressing for him, his Mum, his Dad and his older Brother and Sister.

I offered my services as a Reiki practitioner with no expectations of how it might help and was astounded at the outcomes of an organic process of discovery. Zac is seizure free today, but those first completely seizure free days after each Reiki session were astounding at the beginning. We never imagined that this child could go from multiple seizures per day to 1, 2 or no seizures at all overnight….

“I feel that the approach of both the Coaching and Reiki combined is a powerful process and as much as Reiki is not a well known healing technique and “kinda out there” children respond to this technique effortlessly and their emotional intelligence is able to develop.” – My Montessori School Teacher and Principal

Zac’s Mum talks about it more here in her testimonial, but what was born of this was the realisation that children respond very well to Reiki with me and their parents appreciate the coaching in support of a healing process.

I have since worked with a parents and their children on the  symptoms of general imbalance showing up as bedwetting or aggression, upset or acting out, grief, loss and skin picking. I have also supported times of development and growth, where new behaviour is needed from a child which can be supported by a therapeutic process or family structures are changing.

Being well is our natural state. When we are well, we feel relaxed, joyful, fulfilled, balanced and take an interest in ourselves, our environment & our lives.

How does it work?

Each 1 hour session with me starts with 30 minutes of coaching for the parent. We look at what they wish to see happen in their child’s life and the challenges they are experiencing in relation to their child achieving these objectives. We identify how the parent experiences this, what impact this has on the child and what we can put in place that will support both the parent and child more effectively.

I then support your child for the remaining  30 minutes with Reiki and gentle bodywork, either unobtrusively while they continue to play, or if they are able, while they lie fully clothed under a blanket on a massage bed. Mum or Dad stays in the room and enjoys the peaceful quiet of the Reiki space and supports the process in any way they may feel is neccesary.

I always defer to the parent’s preferred relating with a child and work comfortably in conjunction with mainstream medicine practitioners and complementary therapists or specialists alike.

Since creating this process I have worked with a variety of families and together we have created  what I like to call “EveryDay Miracles”. Ultimately we are looking to create new possibilities and inspiration where before there may have seemed like there was no new possibility available. And it is difficult to be inspired by the hidden “gift” that illness or imbalance brings.

My Sister, Teacher and Owner of My Montessori School  explains it well….

“The child is a whole individual made up of emotional, mental and physical bodies and Susan has found a way to access all of these with the coaching and energetic healing process she uses.”

Read her full recommendation here.

My vision and commitment:

My vision for the Wellbeing for Kids work is to create healing and balance through acknowledgement, acceptance and unlimited possibility.

My commitment is to provide a space for your child to feel safe, acknowledged fully as complete and whole human being and empowered to be well, balanced and in harmony with their lives, regardless of their age.

I also commit to providing each parent with the tools and a mindset that will inspire and support them, to be in conscious and considered action of whatever it is they wish most deeply for their child.

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